Women face a unique set of obstacles when deciding whether or not to begin (or continue) participating in sport. One of the goals of producing 'Strong and Free' has always been to find a way to assist, alleviate, or even remove some of those obstacles, and to make physical activity more accessible to women.

A portion of all sales of 'Strong and Free' will go directly towards supporting adult women in Canada achieve their sporting goals by way of financial donations/sponsorships to individuals or teams 4x/year, to a maximum of $250 per donation.

Some examples of things this donation can help cover:
- Babysitting
- Transportation (bus passes, taxi fees...)
- Gym memberships
- Test fees for officials or coaches
- Adaptive equipment
- Team or individual registration fees
- Uniforms or equipment
- Facility rental fees
- Signing up for something brand new
- And more...

I don't think any of these "little things" should stand in the way of any woman wanting to stay healthy and active, so I'm committed to helping cover the little things, one book at a time.
If you, your team, or someone you know could use some financial assistance, I would love to hear from you. Please fill out the form below to be considered for the next available donation (March 2021). The recipient(s) must be over the age of 18, and reside in Canada.

*Please note that donations can remain anonymous, at your request. Only the individual/team selected to receive the donation will be contacted. If you are a business, organization, or an individual that would like to assist, contribute, or match a donation, please fill out the form to let me know).

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