Wednesday, March 05, 2014 10:28AM
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It's a love/hate relationship with winter, isn't it?  The cold and snow, and the never ending shoveling...let's face it, after awhile we all get a little tired of it.  BUT, here's the thing.  Winter portraits are SPECTACULAR!!!  Seriously, they're some of my favourite sessions to shoot. 

Case in point - check out these gorgeous ladies against the freshly fallen snow...


Aren't they STUNNING?!  Here's a few more!



I love the fresh, crisp white in the background.  And with the evergreen trees peeking through - it's just perfect.

So although I know we're all a little tired of the white stuff right now, don't discount winter as an incredible season to capture your family's photos.  With the way things have been going this year, I think it's safe to say there's still time to book a snowy winter photo session this season!


Lyndsay Doyle is a family photographer serving the greater HRM area of Nova Scotia, and somehow manages to simultaneously love and hate Maritime winters.  Contact her at to book your family's photo session during the remaining weeks of winter or during the lovely spring that's sure to be just around the corner :)

Friday, February 28, 2014 3:32PM
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I created these special photo sessions as a response to the question you ask yourself every year, "what do I get my mother for Mother's Day?" 

The reality is that Mom already has everything - doesn't she?  But when is the last time you've had your photo taken with your Mom?  Years ago?  Never?  Well, here's a little secret... Mom wants to spend time with you this Mother's DayAnd what Mom wouldn't love to update her photo collection with beautiful portraits of her with her children? 

I've designed these sessions to solve all of your Mother's Day problems.  Bring Mom out to have your portraits taken together.  I'll take beautiful, classic portraits of you in the studio, and then I'll send you each home with a special gift from me.  That's right, every person in your session goes home with a lovely gift bag filled with some of MY favorite things!  What's in the goody bags?  Well, I can't give away all my secrets, however, I can tell you that the value of each gift bag is well over $20, and includes something to eat, something to wear, and something to make you even more beautiful!  As if that's even possible :)

Consider your Mother's Day 2014 gift problem SOLVED!

Here are the details.  Please take a moment to read the "fine print" under the photo.  Booking instructions and link are included at the bottom of this post :)



1.  All sessions will take place on May 3, 2014, with time slots available between 9am and 12 noon.  No exceptions.  There are only 10 time slots, and will be booked on a first-come-first-served basis!

2.  All sessions will take place in my studio.  Directions to the studio, as well as any additional details will be sent out upon booking.

3.  Payment must be made in full at the time of booking.  Your spot will not be reserved without payment.

4.  The cost is $100 per session, which includes 2 people.  Extra people (sibling, aunt, grandmother...) are more than welcomed, and will be charged at a rate of $25 each.  Maximum of 4 people per session please.  Exceptions may be made for large, immediate families :) 

5.  GOODY BAGS!  Goody bags contain some of my favourite local products, all handmade by amazing women that I know personally, and whose work I love.  These bags are a bonus gift, and cannot be exchanged for cash value.  They are truly awesome, trust me... you want these!

6.  This is an adults-only event.  This was a hard decision for me, because I consider myself a "children's photographer."  However, I wanted this event to be about you spending time with your Mom.  Leave the kids home with Daddy or with your best friend, and enjoy some quality time with your Mom :)

**Please note that we understand that families come in all shapes and sizes.  These sessions may include Grandmothers, Aunts, Stepmothers, Mothers-in-law, a dear friend, or anyone else you consider to be a mother figure to you.  Are you lucky enough to have two moms?  Then I love you even more!  If you need clarification, or have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time (


Click the link below to book your session!  Within 24 hours of completing your booking form, I will send you an email regarding payment.  Remember, your time is not saved until your payment is received!  Booking deadline is Friday, April 11, 2014.


LINK ----->



I can't wait to see you in May :)


Monday, February 17, 2014 3:21PM
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An interesting little story, because I love stories.  Read into it what you will, but when things like this happen, you gotta wonder....


On Friday, I had to pick something up at a friend's house.  It was in an area of the city that I'm not very familiar with.  After I left her house, instead of going back the way I came, I thought I'd go another way that I thought would be faster (uh huh...) 

I turned left when I should have turned right, and then I got a little lost (not THAT lost, don't worry).  By the time I realised I had turned the wrong way, it was POURING down rain.  I was in a very rural area and there were no visible houses, few roads and lots of trees.  With no signs around, all I knew is that I was going the wrong way and that I had to turn around.  So, I turned around.  And as I was heading back in the other direction, my driver's side windshield wiper popped off it's arm and got itself wedged right under the other windshield wiper.  With the rain coming down so hard, I couldn't see I thing.  I pulled into the first road I could see.

I was on a dirt road, no houses, no mailboxes, no people, no nothing.  I was fine, not worried.  I pulled my hood up, jumped out of the truck and took a look at the windshield wiper.  Never having this happen before, I wasn't sure I could figure it out.  But, after only a handful of seconds, I popped it back in and clipped the clip.



"Did you get it?"


What?  I looked up and there was a man standing right in front of my truck.


"I got it"


"Let me check."


The man was middle aged, dark haired and yellow toothed.  He smiled at me and said, "I'm not leaving until I know you got that thing on there right."


I stood back and let him examine my work.  He had no umbrella, no dog to walk, nothing.  He was out for a stroll in the rain?

He looked at me, nodded his approval, and asked me to test the wiper before he left.  I obliged.  The wiper worked fine.


"Great!" he said, "now, make sure to remember how you did that in case you ever have to do it again!"


I laughed and thanked him, got in the truck and started to drive away. When I looked in the mirror, he was gone.


Just gone. 


Maybe he ran to get out of the rain, had somewhere to be and I missed noticing in what direction he went.  It wasn't until a little while later, I started repeating it all in my head, asking myself, 'where did he come from?' and, 'that was pretty incredible timing Lyndsay, wasn't it?'


The rain stopped right after that.


Now, I know better than to believe in certain things, but I also take comfort in believing that not everything is an accident.   At the end of a week that was filled with sad news, illness, and hurting, I needed that guy to make sure I was alright.  What I truly believe happened here doesn't even matter, except that it made me feel good in my heart.  


And isn't that all we really want?



Lyndsay is a family and children's photographer based in Tantallon, Nova Scotia.  She loves story telling, rainy days and things that make her feel happy.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014 11:18AM
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Daydreaming about warmer weather today?  Me too!  The great thing about winter is that it gives us something to look forward to - SPRING!

Believe it or not, Spring is right around the corner!  Schedules will start to get busier, and soon you will be thinking about family picnics, and warm evenings at the beach with the kids (YAY!)

I thought I would take a moment to fill you in on my schedule for this year.  Although subject to change, here are a few highlights that you might want to keep in mind when deciding on your family's photographic needs in 2014:

~ Winter 2014 - There are a few remaining dates available between now and the end of February.  I will not be booking any photo sessions during the month of March, so if it's the snow you're interested in, don't wait!

~ Spring 2014 - Mother's Day!  Don't forget about Mom - we're going to be having a fun special for the grown-up Moms toward the end of April to celebrate our favorite ladies!  Lots of availability for family sessions during April and May.

~ Summer 2014 - PEI dates will be popping up soon, so watch out for those.  Catch me over on the Island while you're on vacation with your family.  We'll hit the beach and get some awesome shots of the kids playing in the sand!  July dates in Nova Scotia will be very limited this year, so if you have a family event planned, or have your heart set on a July date, book now!


~ Fall/Winter 2014 - Lots of availability in September and October, but easily the most popular months for family photos!  November will be extremely limited, as will December.  PLEASE NOTE: we will be doing Holiday themed mini sessions this year in early December for children only.  We will NOT be doing family minis this year.


If there is a specific date you have in mind for your family/children's photos this year, it doesn't hurt to book early. If you have a baby on the way, a hubby coming home, a family event planned or family flying home for a visit, don't wait to book your session.  I wouldn't want you to be disappointed!

Contact me at: with any questions or to receive more information!


Lyndsay Doyle is a family and children's photographer based in Nova Scotia.  She travels to PEI frequently during the summer months and loves shooting on the beautiful beaches of PEI National Park.  Contact her to book your family's photo session at:

Monday, January 20, 2014 11:06AM
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We got more snow!  After a bit of a dry (albeit COLD) spell, we got an overnight surprise this week - a beautiful covering of white stuff.  Needless to say, the boys were excited!

I took the opportunity to grab my camera and get some updated shots of the boys.  They're growing so fast, sniff sniff....



Rex even got in on the winter action.  He is a husky, after all :)


We love snow days! 

If you would like to book a winter photo session for your family or your children, let me know! You can reach me at


Lyndsay is a family and children's photographer based in Tantallon, Nova Scotia. She braves the cold temperatures to get awesome shots of kids, who love the snow more than she does.